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Bank Statement Loan

A creative mortgage option for eligible self-employed borrowers

Angel Oak Home Loans’ Bank Statement program allows self-employed borrowers to seek a mortgage loan without showing pay stubs or tax returns. 

*Additional documents may be required to qualify

Whether you’re looking to Purchase or looking for a Rate/Term or Cash Out Refinance, this may be an opportunity for you to qualify using non traditional income

Self Employed customers who have strong credit and can document monthly income can benefit from a Bank Statement Loan. And they can be used for Single Family Homes, Condos or Townhomes

While most lenders require 24 months business or personal bank statements, Angel Oak only requires 12 months on both! Additional documentation such as savings, retirement and investment account balances will be required for qualifying income and loan approval.


Who should get a bank statement loan?

If you are a business owner and have owned your business for over 2 years, you may qualify for a bank statement loan.

How to get a bank statement loan?

Bank Statement mortgages are classified as non-QM (non-qualified) Mortgages, since they are mortgages for customers who don’t fit into the traditional, conforming lending standards of most major banks and lending institutions. And Angel Oak is one of only a handful of lenders who offer this loan product. 

No Tax Returns? No Problem!

If you work for yourself and can’t verify your income with tax returns, you’ve come to the right place. If you have non-traditional income, you may need a non-traditional mortgage.