Loan Purpose?



We Offer

*Jumbo Loan amounts up to $3M
*Purchase or Cash Out Refinance
*Lower Reserve Requirements than our competitors

Benefits of a Jumbo Mortgage

*A jumbo loan allows you to go outside Fannie and Freddie loan limitations. We can get you a competitive interest rate and finance the home of your choice without being restricted by the dollar limit on conforming mortgages.

*Bankruptcy Time frame is 5 years (not 7)
*Can’t do Full Doc? No problem. We have Business and Personal Bank Statement loans
*We offer In House Underwriting
*We have Quick Turnaround Times
*Full Doc Loans ok (Tax Returns, W2, Paystubs)
*Credit Scores down to 680

*Jumbo loans offer benefits for home buyers who can handle the larger payments
*Jumbo loans provide home financing options for high-value properties
*With this type of loan you can borrow more than you can with a conventional mortgage